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    s t 0 l e n's suggestions


    s t 0 l e n
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    In-Game Novice

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    s t 0 l e n's suggestions

    Post  s t 0 l e n on Sun Aug 02, 2009 12:51 am

    hey guyz, call me justin =] i am a new player to this server and have enjoyed many others, from mi experience of trying many servers and lookin at their ideas, i have gathered a bunch of their ideas to make one great server, all in one =]

    1: adding pk points, this is good because everybody loves pking, but if u get a bad drop wen i kill some1, u are very mad =[ but if u some pk points for getting a kill, u will be happy because every kill will count =]. ovbiously u will be to add a shop for ur pk point rewards, as in pking supplies, costum items, or rares.

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